Train with Pedal


Image - Exercise7

Try out each of Pedal's exercises.

You could start by doing these once or twice a week and build up to doing them every day!


Image - Exercise1.jpg

Jump up and down 10 times.

Don't forget to wear trainers!


Image - Exercise2

Jog on the spot as you count to 10.

You can do these exercises inside or outside!


Image - Exercise3_1.jpg

Touch the ground then spring up 10 times.


Image - Exercise4

Slowly bend forward to try and touch your toes as you count to 10.

If you can't reach your toes, try to get a little further each time - don't overstretch!

Star jump

Image - Exercise5

Do 10 star jumps.

Make sure there is nothing around you that you might knock over!


Image - Exercise6

Stand on tiptoes and stretch up as you count to 10.

You will find the exercises easier if you wear loose comfortable clothes like a tracksuit.


Image - Exercise7

Balance on one leg holding your other ankle behind you close to your bottom.

Put your other hand on your head to help you balance.

Try to stand still as you count to 10.

Try this the opposite way round too.


Image - Exercise8

Balance your fingers on your shoulders with your elbows out to the side.

Now stretch your arms and bring them in again 10 times.

You can do this standing up or sitting.

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