Time challenge


Image - timechallenge-pedal.jpg

Try the challenges on these pages with a friend - you could do them in the garden or park on a dry day.

Bag Grab

Image - timechallenge-bag-grab.jpg

Use a skipping rope for a start line then space out four beanbags or small balls in a line in front of it. Run and pick up the first bag, run back to the start line with it, then run and pick up the next one, run back with it and so on.

Kiwi & Spoon Race

Image - timechallenge-kiwi.jpg

Balance a kiwi fruit on a spoon and see how long you can run with it before it falls off!

The Wriggle

Image - timechallenge-wriggle.jpg

Ask an adult for an old sheet or a large tablecloth. See how long it takes you to wriggle under one edge of the sheet and out the other side then back the other way.

Show Jumps

Image - timechallenge-jumps.jpg

Balance some cardboard tubes (like the ones from rolls of wrapping paper) on top of some tins or boxes to make a row of hurdles. Some of the hurdles could be higher than others by using different sized tins or boxes. You could stick sheets of coloured paper around the tubes to make stripes. See how long it takes you to jump over all the hurdles in one direction then the other - if you knock off a tube, you have to start again while the clock ticks away!

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