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Make & Do

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The Grub Gang have put together some fun and simple make and do activities for children. Activities revolve around healthy eating or exercise.

These sheets can be printed for use in school, or sent home with children for use with Parents or Carers.

5 A DAY bingo (6.7 Mb)
5 A DAY wallchart (1.3 Mb)
Am I drinking enough at school? Drinks chart (394.6 Kb)
Apples are falling (854.9 Kb)
Balloon games (429.8 Kb)
Bicycle number plate (1.8 Mb)
Blank healthy snack holder (145.3 Kb)
Blank pick 'n' mix bag (82.9 Kb)
Brilliant bread (554.7 Kb)
Can you wiggle, hop or creep? (1016.7 Kb)
Clever celery (481.1 Kb)
Dance studio (1.8 Mb)
Decorate plant pots (1014.9 Kb)
Decorate your own watering can (645.7 Kb)
Food for sports (547.2 Kb)
Food from the sea (496.9 Kb)
Football dribbling posts (1006.4 Kb)
Frisbee fun (484 Kb)
Fruity I Spy chart (894.5 Kb)
Fun family picnic games (2.5 Mb)
Fun skipping games (5.7 Mb)
Healthy snack holder (185.4 Kb)
Hop, hop, hopscotch (1.6 Mb)
How does your garden grow? (1.2 Mb)
Kings corner (2.9 Mb)
Learn about seeds and pulses (737.7 Kb)
Let's get moving (1.7 Mb)
Let's go fly a kite (804.8 Kb)
Lunch box planner (733.1 Kb)
Make a bird feeder (545.4 Kb)
Make a chef's hat (262.2 Kb)
Make a flick book (1008 Kb)
Make a friendship seed bracelet (663.6 Kb)
Make a fruity bean bag (216 Kb)
Make a leaf mask (1.5 Mb)
Make a pumpkin lantern (457.8 Kb)
Make an eggs-traordinary penguin (546.3 Kb)
Make concertina fruits (537.6 Kb)
Make invisible ink (725.1 Kb)
Make musical instruments (681.5 Kb)
Make seed markers (468 Kb)
My active summer memory box (453.2 Kb)
Out in space target game (531.8 Kb)
Pedal Power board game (447.6 Kb)
Pick 'n' mix bag (161.4 Kb)
Rainbow fish windsock (1.6 Mb)
Ready, steady, go! Find out about some of Pedal's favourite sports (719.3 Kb)
Scarecrow spoons (355.8 Kb)
Spectacular spices (2 Mb)
Taste a Rainbow wallchart (774.7 Kb)
The incredible dancing raisin (553.2 Kb)
Train with Pedal (402.8 Kb)
Walk to school chart (399.8 Kb)
Which parts of the plant do we eat? (495.9 Kb)
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