Super smoothie


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To make a super smoothie, ask an adult to help you find these ingredients.


  • 6 strawberries plus 3 for decoration 

  • 1 banana 

  • 1 grapefruit 

  • 1 pear


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Now ask the adult to help you find these pieces of equipment.


  • ice cube tray with ice

  • chopping knife

  • chopping board

  • blender

  • glasses

  • umbrellas and straws with streamers (optional)

Serves 3

Remember! Ask an adult to help with all the peeling, chopping and blending. Wash your hands before you start.

Step 1

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1) Carefully slice the tops off 6 of the strawberries.

2) Peel the banana and cut it in half.

3) Peel the grapefruit and break it into segments.

4) Peel and core the pear then cut it into pieces.

5) Ask an adult to place all the ingredients in your blender together with 3 ice cubes. Blend for 3 minutes until smooth then pour into glasses.

Step 2

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Make a slit in each of your extra strawberries then pop one on to the edge of each glass.

Add an umbrella and a straw.

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More smoothies

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Here are some more smoothies we like. You can make each one using a blender. Make sure you have an adult to help you.

Ruby Red smoothie:

12 strawberries, 12 raspberries, 1/2 an apple, 6 blackberries, 100ml unsweetened apple juice (serves 3 to 4)

Green Giant smoothie:

 1/2 an apple, 1 medium-sized pear, 1 kiwi fruit, 1/3 galia melon, 100ml unsweetened apple juice (serves 3 to 4)

No-orange orange smoothie:

4 strawberries, 2 nectarines, 1/3 galia melon, 100ml unsweetened apple juice (serves 3 to 4)

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