Special spinach

Getting ready

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Spinach is a tasty leafy green vegetable.

It's special because it's a good source of iron which helps keep our blood healthy.

Follow my instructions to grow your own.

Spinach takes about eight weeks to grow.

There are different types for summer and winter.

Plant summer spinach from March to May and winter spinach from August to September.

You will need:

  • spinach seeds

  • a long deep container

  • compost ruler

  • safety scissors

  • a watering can

Step 1

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First, fill a long deep container with compost.

Make a long hole 2½cm deep by pushing the ruler lengthways into the compost.

Put the spinach seeds in the hole one at a time and water them a little.

Step 2

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Soon, the seeds will sprout and grow into seedlings.

Pull out some of the smaller seedlings so that the ones left behind are about 8cm apart.

This is called 'thinning' and is important because the spinach needs space to grow.

Step 3

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Make sure you water the seedlings a little every day.

The leaves will continue to grow.

We want the plant to grow lots of leaves as this is the part of the plant we eat.

Step 4

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When flowers appear, cut them off with your safety scissors so that the plant uses its energy to grow more leaves.

Step 5

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When the outer leaves are longer than 5cm they are ready to be picked.

Pick a few leaves every other day.

This will encourage the plant to keep growing.

Eating your spinach

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You can eat spinach raw in salads or cooked in soups, curries and pasta dishes.

Or try it on pizza as a topping!

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