Out in space target game


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Who says rainy days are boring?

This is a great game you can play with your friends and family.

Ready? Three, two, one...

Blast off!

Getting ready

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You will need:

  • three different coloured plastic bags

  • duct tape

  • 4 cups of dried beans

  • 4 pieces of string

  • scissors

  • 1 large piece of paper

  • black marker

Step 1

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To make the rocket put a bag flat on a table.

Make a pocket by folding the bag as shown in the picture and secure it along the edge with tape.

Cover the front and back of the folded bag with more tape.

Step 2

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Fill the pocket with one cup of dried beans.

Hold the bag up.

Pinch the bag just above the beans and twist it.

Then secure the twist with the piece of string.

Step 3

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Trim the top of the bag about 15cm above the tie.

Ask an adult to help you cut the top of the bag into fringes, making sure you don't get too close to the tie.

Repeat steps 1-3 to make more rockets.

Step 4

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To make the moon target draw a circle on a large piece of paper.

Divide the circle into four parts as shown in the picture.

Then draw or write a different activity in each part of the moon.

How to play the game

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1 Place the moon target on the ground a few metres away from you.

Each player should choose a different coloured rocket.

2 Players take it in turns to throw their rocket so that it lands in one of the four different parts of the moon.

They must then do the activity.

3 If the rocket lands outside the target the player loses their turn.

4 The game continues until one player has done all the activities.

Space activities

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  • Blast off into space (jump up high)

  • Swoosh around the planets (run around the room)

  • Space walk like an astronaut (walk very slowly)

  • Stomp like an alien (stomp, stomp, stomp)

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