Grow potatoes in a bucket

Getting ready

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Potatoes are easy to grow in a bucket.

Why not try today?

Potatoes are good for us as they contain vitamin C which helps keep our skin healthy.

You can grow many different types of potatoes.

Potatoes take 12 to 20 weeks to grow depending on the potatoes you choose.

If you want to harvest potatoes in the summer, plant them in early spring.

You will need:

  • 3 seed potatoes or small normal potatoes

  • an egg carton

  • a large plastic bucket

  • some stones or gravel

  • some compost

  • a watering can

Step 1

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Firstly, put the potatoes into an egg carton, with their eyes at the top.

The eyes of a potato are the little indents or pits you see on their skins.

Leave them in a cool, dry place or windowsill for about 4 weeks until they grow shoots.

This process is called 'chitting'.

Step 2

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When the shoots are a few centimetres long, rub off most of the shoots, leaving the two which look the strongest.

Then leave them to grow for another week.

Step 3

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Ask an adult to make some small holes in the base of the bucket.

Then add a layer of gravel or stones, and half fill the bucket with compost.

Step 4

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Very gently push the potatoes into the compost with the shoots pointing up.

Add a little more soil to cover the potatoes.

Water your potatoes every three days.

Step 5

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As the plants grow, shoots will appear out of the compost.

When this happens cover them with more soil so they are just buried.

Add more compost every time the shoots appear until the bucket is completely full.

Step 6

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The plants will continue to grow and grow.

Keep the compost well watered, especially if the weather gets hot.

Make sure you put the bucket next to a window, or in the garden.

Step 7

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If any potatoes appear make sure you cover them again with compost.

If you leave them in the sunlight they will turn green and green potatoes are poisonous.

Step 8

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When flowers start growing on your plant it's a sign that the potatoes have reached a good size, so you can pick some in early summer to eat as ‘new potatoes'.

Step 9

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Otherwise wait until the leaves of the plant die.

Then tip over the bucket and enjoy finding the potatoes buried in the compost.

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Did you know?

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Potato plants have five different parts to them.

Take a look at the picture.

Can you see what they are?

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