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Interactive whiteboard activities

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The Great Grub Club offers interactive whiteboard activities. From educational games to healthy recipes, there’s plenty to get your class learning about healthy living. 


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Grow it

Cress egg heads

Jam jar jungle

Leaves you can eat

Make a herb garden

Grow a bean plant

Make a bean bed

Grow a sunflower

Grow strawberries

Grow beetroot

Grow radishes

Clever celery

Jurassic jungle

Grow root islands

Summer growing

Sweet cherry tomatoes

Special spinach

Grow potatoes in a bucket

Fantastic French beans

Super duper sprouting seeds

Spiky chives

Make a pumpkin lantern

Scarecrow spoons

Painted pebbles

Decorate plant pots

Make seed markers

Make a leaf mask

My active summer memory box

Make a bird feeder

Make a friendship seed bracelet

Decorate your own watering can

Potato-tastic wrapping paper

Make concertina fruits

Make a jar lantern

Build your own weather station

Know it

Ask the prof

A-Z of fruit & veg

Making bread

Crazy carrots quiz

Olive-tastic quiz

Pick a pepper quiz

Minty fun fact quiz

What's in season?

Brilliant bread

Food for sports

Spectacular spices

Food from the sea

Vegetables around the world

Handy herbs

Make invisible ink

The incredible dancing raisin

Make an eggs-traordinary penguin

Magic cabbage experiment


Move it

Time challenge

Playground games

Pedal's pass

Frisbee fun

Football dribbling posts

Let's go fly a kite

Picnic games

Fun skipping games

Rainbow fish windsock

King's corner

Pirates at sea

Build your own mini golf course

Pedal's scavenger hunt

Make a beanbag

Video game

Beanbag games

Make musical instruments

Dance studio

Festive place cards

Can you wiggle, hop or creep?

Out in space target game

Fun family skittles

How does your garden grow?

Balloon games

Apples are falling

Train with Pedal

Ask Pedal

Cook it

Smiley face breakfast

Time for breakfast

Potato faces

Funky fajitas

French salad

Cheesy cauliflower monster

Easy-peasy tomato sauce

Snack's sandwiches

Rainbow fruit salad

Baked potato chicks

Valentine's toast

Butternut squash soup

Purrfect mushrooms

Make stir-fry noodles

Root vegetable wedges

Funny face pizzas

Leek and potato soup

Making soda bread

Rainbow salad

Perfect picnic

Brilliant bean burgers

Baked potato boats

Traffic light lollies

Fruit scone family

Be a popcorn seller

Perfect pancakes

Baked apples

Tutti-frutti sundae

Beetroot and chocolate muffins

Berry mess

Strawberry and melon salad

Strawberry granita

Super smoothie

Fruit and nuts

Fruit kebabs

Pirate party food

Mince pies

Warm winter punch

Scrummy snowmen

Spooky party food

Make an Indian style buffet

Tasty dips from around the world

Mini apple crumbles

Animal party food

Fruity yoghurt ice lollies

Make a chef's hat

Play it

Picture crossword

Fruits and vegetables from around the world

Make a healthy packed lunch

Grow a bean

Can you crack it?

What am I? Puzzle 1

What am I? Puzzle 2

What am I? Puzzle 3

What am I? Puzzle 4

Our healthy plate

Match and learn (easy)

Match and learn (medium)

Match and learn (hard)

Where does it grow? (easy)

Where does it grow? (medium)

Where does it grow? (hard)

Picture maker

Beat the banana

Dump the junk

Grub gang cafe

Funny food figures

Comic strip - sports daze

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