How does your garden grow?

Getting ready

Image - PedalDance.jpg

Ask an adult to play some music while you all dance.

Then ask the adult to stop the music every so often and call out the name of a Grub Gang character.

When you hear the name, mime the gardening activity that the character is doing.

You start with three lives – if you do the wrong mime, you lose a life!

Why not play this game indoors or on a rainy day?


Image - Dig.jpg

Pretend you are digging up some soil to make it nice and loose for planting vegetables!


Image - Rake.jpg

Pretend to rake the soil.

Stretch your arms forward then bring them back towards you over and over again.


Image - Plant.jpg

Pretend to plant a plant.

Kneel down and balance on one foot, holding your arms out in front of you.


Image - WateringCan

Pretend to lift up a watering can then tip it forward and back.


Image - Wheelbarrow.jpg

Pretend to push a wheelbarrow full of the fruit and veg you have grown – imagine it’s really heavy!

Professor Foodsmart

Image - Scrub.jpg

Pretend your carrot has lots of mud on it so you need to scrub it lots of times!

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