Grow radishes

Getting ready

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Radishes take 4-6 weeks to grow.

Plant them between March and September.

You will need:

  • large plant pot

  • soil

  • radish seeds

  • ruler

  • watering can

Step 1

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First, fill the plant pot with soil.

Make some holes in the soil about 1cm deep.

Drop a seed into each one and cover it with soil.

Water them a little and leave the pot in a warm place.

Step 2

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Soon, the seeds will germinate and grow into seedlings.

Make sure you water the seedlings every day.

This will help stop the roots becoming too tough.

Step 3

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Now pull some of the seedlings out so that the ones left behind are about 2.5 cm apart.

This is called thinning seedlings. It is important because the radishes need space to grow well.

You could use the leaves of the seedlings you pull out in a salad. Remember to wash them first!

Step 4

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After about 4-6 weeks the radishes will be ready to come out of the pot.

Pull them up gently when you want to eat them.

This is called harvesting.

Step 5

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Wash each radish well and then cut off the leaves.

Eating your radishes

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Ask an adult to help you chop a few radishes up.

Put them in a salad to make it colourful and crunchy!

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