Grow beetroot

Getting ready

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Beetroot seeds can be planted from March to July. Beetroots are root vegetables so their seeds need to be planted in a large, deep container to give their roots enough room to grow. Grow them outside in a cool place that isn't too sunny – they will take about 12 weeks.

You will need:

  • large, deep flower pot

  • ruler

  • beetroot seeds

  • watering can

  • soil

  • trowel

Let's get growing!

Step 1

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Fill the large pot with soil.

Make some holes in the soil about 2cm deep and well spaced out.

Drop a seed into each one.

Remember to water the seeds when you've finished.

Step 2

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Over the next few weeks the seeds will germinate and grow into seedlings.

Make sure you water the seedlings every day.

Step 3

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After about 12 weeks, or when it is the size of a golf ball, the beetroot is ready to pick.

Make sure you pull it out gently.

Step 4

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Carefully twist off the leafy tops of the beetroot.

Watch out for any bright read beetroot juice – it stains!

Step 5

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The beetroot can be eaten raw or cooked.

To eat it raw, clean it, peel it and then grate it.

To eat it cooked, ask an adult to help you boil it in a pan until it is soft all the way through. Leave the skin on and rub it off when it's cooked. You can either eat it hot or wait for it to cool down and eat it cold in a salad...

Eating your beetroot

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My favourite way to eat cooked beetroot is definitely cold and in a salad, but I also love Mixer's beetroot and chocolate muffins! Why don't you try them out?

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