Grow a bean plant

Getting ready

Image - beanseed

Growing a bean plant can take up to 2 weeks.

Ask an adult to help you find or buy these things:

You will need:

  • broad bean seed 

  • saucer 

  • water

  • glass jar

  • a piece of kitchen roll or a napkin

Ready to start growing?

Step 1

Image - bean,jar

Swirl some water around in your jar, then tip it out.

Leave the jar wet - don't dry it.

The seed will need that bit of water to begin to grow.

Step 2

Image - beaninjar

Roll up a piece of kitchen roll or a napkin and put it inside the jar, pressing it against the glass.

Then, slip your bean seed in between the napkin and the glass.

Step 3

Image - bean,plantspray

Put the jar with the bean in it on a windowsill where it will get plenty of light.

Use a plant spray or a spoon to sprinkle a little water on it every day.

Can you name two things that plants need to grow well?

Step 4

Image - bean,sproutinjar

After a few days your bean should start to sprout roots.

This is called germination.

Then, the bean will start to grow a stem too.

The stem should grow upwards, as it looks for the light.

Step 5

Image - bean,-grownplant

After about ten days your bean seed should have grown a bigger stem and some leaves. It is now a little bean plant.

To make sure it keeps growing and stays healthy, carefully take it out of the jar and plant it in a large pot with some soil.

You can keep you pot inside during the winter, or outside during the summer.

Enjoy your growing!

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