Make festive fitness place cards

Step 1

Image - placemategs.gif

Help your family have some fitness fun after dinner by making some place cards like these ones! First ask an adult to help you find or buy these pieces of equipment:

You will need:

  • some different coloured pieces of thin A4 card

  • children's scissors

  • felt-tip pens

  • safe glue

  • some old magazines

TAKE CARE: some steps need adult help.

Step 2

Image - placematspic1.gif
Choose a piece of coloured card.

Step 3

Image - placematpic2.gif

Fold your piece of card in half then in half again.

Open out then cut along the fold lines to make four smaller pieces.

Step 4

Image - placematpic3.gif
Fold one of the pieces of card in half along the long side so the card will stand up in a tent shape.

Step 5

Image - placematpic4.gif
Write the name of a person who will sit at your dinner table on the front of the card and stick a festive picture next to their name.

Step 6

Image - placematpic5.gif
Cut out some pictures of vegetables and fruits from an old magazine then stick them inside the card.

Step 7

Image - placematpic6.gif
Write a fitness challenge in the card for the person to do once their dinner has gone down!

Step 8

Image - placematpic7.gif
Put the card on your festive table - then make some more for your other guests.

More fitness challenges

Image - placematpedal.gif

• Hop on one leg for as long as you can
• Lead a people chain from room to room
• Jog to the bottom of the garden and back
• Walk up and down the stairs 10 times
• Do 10 star jumps
• Walk 100 steps
• Help clear the table!

When you are making up each challenge, think about the person who will be doing it and what they might be best at!

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