Dance studio

Getting ready

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Choose some music that has a strong beat.

This will make it easier to put moves to it.

Plan your dance moves in counts of eight.

In other words, count to eight as you do each move.

This will help you make the moves fit with each other.

The twist

Image - Twist.jpg

The twist is a great dance move and one that's been around for a long time!

Start by standing with your legs apart and your arms out.

Now twist your body from left to right.

Make sure you bend your knees as you do it.

See how close to the floor you can get while you twist!

The march

Image - March.jpg

This is one of the easiest moves to do.

Just march on the spot, swinging your arms as you do it.

Try making up some extra moves for your arms and hands as you march.

The digger

Image - Digger.jpg

Pretend you are digging in the garden.

Use your arms to make digging movements to the left, and then to the right.

If you can, keep your feet on the ground and bounce a little as you do it.

The criss cross

Image - Criss_cross.jpg

This move works best when it is done quickly.

Stand with your legs apart, then jump and land with your legs crossed.

Now jump again and land with your legs apart again.

Remember to bend your knees before you jump and after you land.

As you get more confident try landing facing another direction.

The knees up

Image - Knees_up.jpg

To do this dance move, lift up one knee then bring it down again.

Repeat with the other leg.

As you get more confident try to bounce a bit each time you lift your leg.

You could swing your arms as you do it too.

The toe tap

Image - Toe_tap.jpg

Stand with your legs slightly apart.

Stretch your right foot out and tap your toe and then your heel.

Bring your legs together again.

Now stretch out your left foot and tap your toe and heel.

Repeat one more time for each foot.

If you can, try holding your arm in the air as you do it.

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