Build your own weather station

Build your own weather station

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Is it going to be hot or cold today?

The weather changes all the time.

Why don't you have a go at making a weather station?

Making the wind vain

Image - WeatherStationEquipment

You will need: 

  • piece of card
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • masking tape
  • pen lid
  • paper plate
  • ruler
  • black marker
  • plasticine
  • yoghurt pot
  • long skewer
  • compass

You'll also need:

  • large piece of paper
  • markers and a ruler to make the weather chart
  • thermometer


Step 1

Image - Step1_1.jpg

First, draw a large arrow shape on the card and cut it out.

Use a piece of tape to stick the pen lid to the arrow.

Step 2

Image - Step2_2.jpg

Next, using the ruler, draw one vertical and one horizontal line to divide the paper plate into four parts.

Moving from top, clockwise, write North, East, South and West on each part.

Step 3

Image - Step3_2.jpg

Make a ball out of the plasticine and put it in the centre of the plate where the two lines meet.

Put the yoghurt pot on top.

Tape the yoghurt pot to the plate.

Step 4

Image - Step4_2.jpg

Pierce the yoghurt pot with a skewer, pushing it through the plasticine ball.

Pop the pen lid arrow onto the other end of the skewer.

Step 5

Image - Step5_3.jpg

Finally, put your wind vane outside in the garden or on a windowsill outside a window.

Ask an adult to use the compass to find where north is.

Align your wind vane with the compass points.

Your wind vane will spin around.

The arrow will point at the direction from which the wind is coming.

Making the rain catcher

You will need:

  • plastic bottle
  • scissors
  • masking tape
  • ruler
  • black marker

Step 1

Image - RainCatcherStep1.jpg

First, ask an adult to cut off the bottom half of the bottle.

Then cut off the funnel part of the bottle.

You can throw away the middle section.

Step 2

Image - RainCatcherStep2.jpg

Next, place the funnel part of the bottle upside down into the base of the bottle as shown in the picture.

Stick the edges together with tape.

Step 3

Image - RainCatcherStep3.jpg

Stick a piece of tape from the top to the bottom of the rain catcher.

Using a ruler, draw a line and mark 10 centimetres starting with 0 at the bottom moving up to 10 at the top.

Step 4

Image - RainCatcherStep4.jpg

Finally, put your rain catcher outside next to your wind vane.

Your rain catcher will tell you how much rain has fallen.

Weather watch

Image - WeatherChartScreenGrab.jpg

Put the thermometer outside with your wind vain and rain catcher.

Make a simple weather chart like the one in this picture.

Use your weather station to keep track of how much rain falls, which way the wind is blowing from, and what the temperature is.

Mark your findings on the weather chart.

Try to check your weather station every day at the same time.


Image - autumn_seasonal_food_1.jpg

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Can you think of other vegetables and fruits that need hot weather to grow?

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