Beanbag games

Pass the beanbag

(1 person game)

Image - beanbag-games-pass.jpg

Pass the beanbag from one hand to the other around your waist. See how many times you can pass it behind your back in 10 seconds! Now try doing the same thing around one thigh - the toe of your raised leg must tap the ground each time the beanbag circles the leg.

If you don't have your own beanbag, you could make a fruity beanbag!

Long throw

(2 people)

Image - beanbag-games-long-throw.jpg

Stand opposite a friend, making sure there is plenty of space behind both of you. Throw the beanbag to each other then each take a step back. Carry on throwing and catching the beanbag as you keep moving further and further apart - see how far apart you can get before you drop the beanbag. If you do drop it, start again!

Beany in the middle

(3 people)

Image - beanbag-games-in-middle.jpg

Stand opposite a friend and get another friend to stand in between you. Try throwing the beanbag to the friend opposite you without letting the friend in the middle catch it. If the friend in the middle catches the beanbag, they must swap places with the person who threw it.


(4 people)

Image - beanbag-games-whoops.jpg

Stand in a circle with your friends and throw the beanbag to each other. If someone drops the beanbag, they must stand on one leg until they catch it again. If they drop the beanbag a second time, they have to try and catch it standing on one leg AND with one hand behind their back. Next time they manage to catch it, they get their leg or hand back again!

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