Balloon games


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These indoor balloon games are great for rainy days. Make sure you have plenty of space and there is nothing to knock over.

Check with an adult first so they can tell you where you are allowed to play!

Solo ballo

Image - SoloBallo

This game is for one person.

1 Stand a few steps away from a wall – make sure there are no mirrors or pictures hanging on it!

2 Hold up the balloon with one hand then give it a hard pat with the other hand so it bounces against the wall.

3 When it bounces back, hit it against the wall again.

4 ?See how many times you can do this before the balloon falls on the floor – try to break your record each time!

No hands

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You will need two people to play this game.

1 Ask an adult to be referee – the referee starts the game by throwing the balloon up in the air.

2 The first player to head the balloon can then bounce the balloon off any part of their body apart from their hands to keep it up in the air.

3 On their third touch, the player must bounce the balloon back towards the other player.

4 The other player then gets three touches – and so on.

5 If the balloon touches the floor during a player's go, or the player touches it with their hands, they lose a life. Each player starts with three lives – the first player to lose all three lives loses the game.


Image - VolleyBall

You will need at least 2 people to play this game, but you can play with more people if you like.

1 Make a 'net' by putting a line of scarves across the middle of the room – the aim of the game is to make the balloon touch the floor on the other side of the net.

2 Players take it in turns to serve by holding the balloon up in the air with one hand and patting it across the net with the palm of their other hand.

3 The player on the other side of the net must hit the balloon back before it touches the ground. They can hit the balloon either by patting it back over the net with their hands or bouncing the balloon upwards off the insides of their forearms – the easiest way to do this is to clasp your fingers together and stretch out your arms under the balloon.

4 Every time the balloon lands on the floor, the player on the opposite side of the net wins a point – the first player to get 25 points wins the game.

Team work

You can also play this game with teams – make sure there are the same number of players on each side of the net.

The players in each team can bounce the balloon to each other before passing it back across the net – the players on one team can only touch the balloon once each before
it goes across.

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