Baked potato chicks


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These baked potato chicks are easy to make and good for you too. Potatoes contain vitamin C, which helps keep our skin healthy. Butternut squash give us vitamin A, which helps our eyesight.

To make two baked potato chicks you need:

  • half a butternut squash with the seeds taken out

  • two baking potatoes

To decorate your baked potato chicks you need:

  • iceberg lettuce

  • peas

  • cherry tomatoes

  • spring onions

  • radishes

  • carrots

Remember to wash your hands before you touch the food!


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Ask an adult to help you get together these pieces of equipment:

  • baking tray

  • bowl

  • spoon

  • fork

Preheat the oven to 190°C / 375°F / Gas Mark 5.

Step 1

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Prick the potatoes with a fork.

Then put the potatoes and butternut squash on a baking tray.

Ask an adult to put the tray in the oven for 1 hour, or until the potatoes and squash feel soft all the way through.

Step 2

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When the potatoes and squash are cooked, ask an adult to help you cut the potatoes open.

Carefully scoop out the soft flesh and put it into a bowl.

Keep the skins – you will need them again soon.

Now scoop out the butternut squash and put it in the bowl with the potato.

You can throw the butternut squash skin away.

Step 3

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Use a fork to mash the potato and butternut squash together.

Step 4

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Put the potato skins on a plate.

Carefully spoon the mixture into them until they are full up.

Step 5

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Now you can add vegetable decorations to make a baked potato chick!

To make the baked potato chick on the left:

push in two cherry tomatoes for the eyes, a spring onion for the beak and lettuce leaves for the wings. Add a spring onion tail feather.

To make the baked potato chick on the right:

push in the end of a carrot for the beak, two peas for the eyes and carrot sticks for the feathers. Ask an adult to help you carve some feet out of a radish.

Try making some potato faces.

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