Apples are falling


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This activity song should be sung to the tune of "London's Burning".

You can act it out on your own indoors or outside – or try singing it in a round with your friends or family.

Check with an adult first so they can tell you where you are allowed to play!

Apples are falling

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Stretch up your arms then bring them down in front of you, wiggling your fingers as you do.

"Apples are falling,"

"Apples are falling,"

Fetch the basket

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Run across the room, pretend to pick something up off the ground then run back.

"Fetch the basket,"
"Fetch the basket,"

Come quick

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Stretch out your arms in front of you with your palms facing upwards.

Then, move your arms back towards your body quickly as if you are giving someone a signal to come towards you.

"Come quick,"
"Come quick,"

Pick them all up

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Crouch down on the ground and thrust out your arms in different directions as if you are gathering up the apples.

"Pick them all up,"
"Pick them all up."


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